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What Makes The Orbit Label 2.0 So Special?

What Makes The Orbit Label 2.0 So Special?

Orbit Label 2.0 - Flamingo Pink

InchBug was founded in 2004 by parents with a revolutionary idea to help make life simpler using the Original Orbit Labels, which are perfect for the parent who wants to discreetly label their kid's belongings. In 2021, InchBug launched their Orbit Labels 2.0 and added a new unique feature! If you’re wondering what makes the Orbit Label 2.0 so special. Here’s what you need to know!

  1. In 2021 InchBug added a new unique feature -- contrasting personalization without the use of paint or ink! 

  2. The Orbit Labels 2.0 now come with your custom name in white, making it easier for you to spot your bottles and cups.

  3. As of June 2021, you now have the option to choose a 2-pack or 4-pack of Orbit Labels! Each package of custom Orbit Labels contains labels in a single color and identical personalization. All labels within a set must be the same color, only one color can be selected per package.

  4. InchBug's Orbit Labels 2.0 are still non-adhesive, reusable, and personalized to meet your needs. It is easy to transfer to different cups, bottles, etc.

  5. They are easy to use! Just stretch and release for a snug fit around your bottles, sippy cups, and snack containers. They also provide a non-slip grip for little hands.

  6. InchBug's Orbit Labels 2.0 were designed and tested to withstand repeated dishwashing, boiling, and microwaving. The Orbit Label will not peel, fade or wash away! Orbit Labels are manufactured using a high quality material!

  7. Orbit Labels made out of an elastomeric material that is compliant with Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Regulation 21CFR 177.2600. This material is in the same class of material used in pacifiers and baby bottle nipples. This material was chosen because it is non-toxic and has durable qualities that withstand normal use. InchBug does not recommend using paint or ink to back-fill the personalization.

  8. Orbit Labels were designed to fit the traditional 4 oz. baby bottles by Gerber and Playtex. Orbit Labels fit most major brands found in stores today. Unfortunately, they do NOT fit Dr. Brown's 2oz preemie or 4 oz standard bottles, as these are too narrow. They do fit the 8oz standard and wide necked varieties. Orbit Labels also fit all brands of sippy cups on the market, and are great for labeling standard sized water bottles and soda cans.

  9. The Braille reads "inchbug” on all of the Orbit Labels.

  10. InchBug offers group discounts for schools, day cares, churches, camps, etc. For more information on how to get started, please contact InchBug or visit their website for more information.
Orbit Label 2.0 - Nautical Navy

InchBug’s Orbit Labels is a game changer, they fit everything from baby bottles, sippy cups, a wide variety of sport bottles and snack containers – even shampoo bottles for camp and college-bound kids. This innovative product allows you to reuse it over and over again. Their Orbit Labels have been featured in national parenting magazines and received numerous awards and accolades for innovation and practicality!

If you have questions you can contact InchBug (1-877-462-4284) or visit their website for more information. InchBug's team is dedicated to delivering high-quality, must-have products with superior customer service.
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