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Orbit Labels

Organization becomes easy with Inchbug's Orbit Labels. Our baby bottle labels are manufactured using a high-quality material proven to withstand dishwashing, boiling, and microwaving. InchBug name bands allows you to reuse it over and over again – from baby bottle to sippy cup, to sports bottle. InchBug daycare bottle labels are also easy to use - just stretch and release for a snug fit around your bottles, they also provide a non-slip grip for little hands. Orbit Labels also fit all brands of sippy cups on the market, and are great for labeling standard-sized water bottles and soda cans. Unfortunately, they do NOT fit Dr. Brown's 2oz preemie or 4 oz standard bottles, as these are too narrow.

You can select from a wide range of vibrant colors and personalize them with your child's name, simplifying the process of spotting their belongings. No more mix-ups or lost items at daycare or school! Make sure that your child's belongings are properly labeled with InchBug's Orbit Labels. Inchbug's Orbit Labels are a must-have for busy parents looking for a practical and stylish way to label their little one's items.
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