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InchBug's 2022 Holiday Shopping Tips For Mom's & Dad's

InchBug's 2022 Holiday Shopping Tips For Mom's & Dad's

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Yes, shopping. We all love it! Sometimes it takes hours or an entire day especially when it comes to our kids -- you can admit it. We’re here to help! Now you can complete the list of things you need. Here’s holiday shopping tips for Mom’s and Dad’s!

  • Budget - To avoid overspending. It is important to set a budget. Budgeting helps you track your expenses and save more money. InchBug offers gifts under $10, $15 and $25!
  • Research -  It’s easy to buy things. But before you buy anything, do your research. No matter how cute they may look. Always look up the product and ask yourself. “Is it worth it?” Of course, remember this! When in doubt, don't buy stuff.
  • Reviews - Written testimonials from actual buyers are extremely valuable for any business. It is a great way to market the brand. It also means someone is really enjoying the product.

  • Quality - It’s always a good idea to look for quality pieces. High-quality products can last for years!

personalized clothing labels on shirt and pants


Thanks to InchBug! A parent’s secret weapon to taming the chaos. It is designed for your child’s needs and belongings. You can label everything you love and the things you want to keep! InchBug’s Adhesive Labels are dishwasher-safe and microwaveable, so they are perfect for lunch containers or travel mugs, and are durable enough to withstand everyday use! Their versatility means they are a great labeling solution for all ages. 

Say goodbye to the "permanent" marker that disappears in the dishwasher; InchBug labels will never peel, fade, or wash away! InchBug offers a variety of colors and icon choices that are perfect for notebooks, sports gear, and everything in between. 

InchBug will not produce an order if the material submitted for personalization is deemed obscene, offensive, abusive, harmful, vulgar, or otherwise objectionable. If images uploaded are copyrighted or depict celebrities or anyone that may have "celebrity" status, they will be rejected.

Free shipping orders over $50! Please allow up to 5-10 business days for processing of personalized products. Gather and celebrate with personalized gifts for the whole family!

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Last minute gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list? That you can have it  delivered before Christmas? That is here to save the holidays? Give the gift of personalization with e-gift cards! Gift exactly what they want. INSTANTLY. Shop InchBug’s e-gift card! 

  1. Select a greeting card image
  2. Select gift card amount and delivery details
  3. Gift message - Once checkout is completed, you will receive a confirmation email. The purchased gift card will be sent to the recipient on the selected delivery date and time, which will contain the gift card code, your message, and instructions on how to redeem it. What are you waiting for? You can choose your design here.

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