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Which InchBug Labels Are Right For You?

Which InchBug Labels Are Right For You?

girl holding personalized Orbit Labels

There’s a lot of adhesive labels that you can find online! But choosing the best and the one that works is essential! Thanks to InchBug! Here at InchBug, we love a cute personalized label! InchBug offers lots of different options that your kids will love too!
Big Bundle Combo Pack Big Bundle Combo Pack


  • Big Bundle Combo Pack - Our Big Bundle Combo Pack saves you time and money! Each Big Bundle Combo Pack comes with over 95 labels, so you'll have plenty to label all the things.

InchBug Preset Collection adhesive labels


  • Pee Wee Combo Pack - Preset - This easy-to-order label selection saves you time by preselecting the colors and fonts, so all you have to do is choose your icon set and add a name.

Personalized Allergy Alert Labels

  • Allergy Alerts - To maximize the importance and effect of this label, Personalized Allergy Alerts are printed with black font on a white background.
denim shirt for toddlers with personalized clothing label

blue swim trunks with personalized clothing label 


  • TagPal Clothing Labels - TagPals are easy to use – just peel-and-stick to the care tag on your shirt, jacket, or favorite stuffed animal.

toddler shoes with personalized shoe labels

  • New ShoePal Labels - ShoePals are a personalized label designed to help your little one learn to distinguish between left and right and to encourage independence.

assorted color date stickies to label the date

  • Date Stickies™ (5-pack) - Date Stickies™ provide parents with an easy to use, removable option for dating baby bottles, baby food jars, and leftovers.

    Many daycare providers are now requiring parents to label their bottles daily. Date Stickies™ are the perfect way to satisfy their request!

personalized circle labels on school suppliesCircle Labels

personalized Mini Rectangle Labels on school supplies

Mini Rectangle Labels

personalized medium labels on drink containersMedium Labels

personalized rectangle monogram labels

Rectangle Monogram Labels

medium monogram labels on snack containers

Medium Monogram Labels

personalized medium labels on lunch supplies

Medium Labels - Solid

Personalized White Circle Label on Hydroflask bottleCircle Labels - White

personalized hexagon labels on snack containersHexagon Labels

  • Unique, colorful designs make InchBug's Adhesive Labels a fun solution for labeling your belongings. The labels are printed in a variety of colors, so it's easy to find something for all ages. InchBug Adhesive Labels are durable, microwaveable, and dishwasher-safe.

    You can apply them to a clean, dry, and smooth surface to identify your kiddo's toys, snacks, sports equipment, and more! The colors never fade, so your name will stay clear and crisp, regardless of if the labels are 1 day old or 100 days old.
assorted personalized photo labels for daycare and preschool
  • Photo Labels - Does your little one like to ham it up for the camera? InchBug Photo Labels are the one-of-a-kind label that lets you showcase your kiddo’s flawless selfies.

    Upload your favorite snapshot, then zoom and crop for the perfect fit. InchBug’s customization technology allows you to move a photo with multiple people, so you can focus on just one face.
blue backpack with personalized outerspace bag tag personalized flutter blossoms rectangle bag tag


  • Kid Rectangle Bag Tags - Label your diaper bag and travel gear with InchBug's updated Bag Tags. They're perfect for backpacks, lunch bags, and your gym bag, too!

    InchBug's personalized Bag Tags are constructed of durable, waterproof, hard plastic, made to withstand harsh conditions and everyday use. Each one comes with a strong, clear plastic loop so it can be attached to diaper bags, school gear, and luggage.

Original Orbit Labels in Bubblegum Pink

          Original Orbit Labels®

Orbit Labels 2.0 in Nautical Navy 

Orbit Labels® 2.0

  • InchBug’s Orbit Labels are non-adhesive, reusable, and personalized to meet your needs. They're also easy to use - just stretch and release for a snug fit around your bottles, sippy cups, and snack containers.

    Say goodbye to the "permanent" marker that disappears in the dishwasher; InchBug labels will never peel, fade, or wash away! The Orbit Labels 2.0 now come with your custom name in white, making it easier for you to spot your bottles and cups.

Fire Truck Red Orbit Label 2.0


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