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How To Label Baby Clothes For Daycare

How To Label Baby Clothes For Daycare

Did you know how essential daycare labels are to help keep your kiddo’s belongings and prevent them from getting lost or misplaced. Every parent with a child in daycare needs to label their belongings properly even their CLOTHES! Get everything ready with InchBug’s Daycare labels! A mom's secret weapon to taming the chaos. Meet your daycare's BFF! ✨ ​​Here's some tips on how to label baby clothes for daycare! 😊

  • TagPals Clothing Labels - TagPals are easy to use – just peel-and-stick to the care tag on your shirt, jacket, or favorite stuffed animal. The super strong adhesive backing keeps the label in place, even in the washer and dryer, so your items end up with you, not in the lost and found.

    The modern and unique designs and color palettes make InchBug's TagPal Clothing Labels a fun solution for labeling your child's belongings. The labels are printed in a variety of designs and colors, so it's easy to find something for all ages.

    Each set of TagPal Clothing Labels contains a total of 40 assorted labels. With a wide variety of colors and icons  to choose from, you’re sure to find something for each child’s unique interests. Make sure to cross your t’s and dot your i’s -- your personalization is printed exactly as it is entered at the time of purchase.

    Our Preset Collection was designed with busy parents in mind. This easy-to-order label selection saves you time by preselecting the colors and fonts, so all you have to do is choose your icon set and add a name.

tagpal clothing labels

  • ShoePals - ShoePals are a personalized label designed to help your little one learn to distinguish between left and right and to encourage independence. From 8 vibrant colors and multiple fun fonts to add your own or your child's personal flair. Each set contains enough labels for 15 pairs of shoes.

    Don't forget to double check your info -- all text is printed exactly as it is entered at the time of purchase.

shoepal labels


  • Daycare Adhesive Labels - You can check out InchBug’s Daycare collection for adhesive labels.

    InchBug’s Adhesive Labels are durable, microwaveable, and dishwasher-safe. Apply them to a clean, dry, and smooth surface to identify your kiddo's toys, snacks, sports equipment, and more. The colors never fade, so your name will stay front and center, regardless of if the labels are 1 day old or 100 days old.
Rectangle Labels Medium Labels Mini Rectangle Labels Circle Labels
Rectangle Labels Medium Labels Mini Rectangle Labels  Circle Labels


Our Big Bundle Combo Pack saves you time and money! Each Big Bundle Combo Pack comes with over 95 labels, so you'll have plenty to label all the things.

Big Bundle Combo Pack

Big Bundle Combo Pack


InchBug uses the best equipment and materials, resulting in the highest quality product possible so ditch the markers and stickers that just peel off make life easier using InchBug’s Personalized Labels!

If you have questions you can contact InchBug (1-877-462-4284) or visit their website for more information. InchBug's team is dedicated to delivering high-quality, must-have products with superior customer service.

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