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The sweetest things come in threes and in this happy pack you get three sweet things indeed! And with 12 Sweet Things #2 graphite pencils, 6 vanilla scented Macaron Erasers plus a Mighty Sharpener all included, you’re getting a pretty sweet deal too!

This happy pack will make the sweetest gift ever! The 12 Sweet Things graphite pencils are perfect for jotting and sketching and come with fun designs on the barrels too!

You can keep them nice and sharp and ready for your next big world-changing idea with the Mighty Sharpener, which keeps the messy shavings contained. Whether or not you have a classic sized pencil or a chunky one; the Mighty Sharpener has 3 holes to accommodate your needs.

And if you make a mistake, what could be sweeter than wiping it away with a vanilla scented macaron eraser! 6 vibrant colored petite pastry-look erasers pieces are interchangeable to create the Macaron of your dreams. Great as a simple gift or party favor to brighten someone’s day.


  • 6 vanilla scented Macaron Erasers are fun to wipe out mistakes
  • 12 Sweet Things #2 graphite pencils, perfect for sketching and jotting notes
  • Mighty Sharpener to keep pencils sharp and contain the pencil shavings (color varies)


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