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Wave a magical wand across your page with a Starry Starry Writers Gel Pen in your hand! You will feel magic woven into every word and every line with the smooth black gel pen. These are quite simply some of the best gel pens for writing ever!

Make every thought a star on the page with these enchanted and inspiring fine tip gel pens! The 0.5mm fine tip lets you write delicate prose and draw intricate and exquisite lines in journals and sketchbooks. With a gorgeous star charm atop every cap, bright sparkling inspiration will follow your stroke! Plus you can pick your favorite color barrel too, or just get all five!


  • Fine tip gel pens
  • Star shaped glitter inside star shaped charm attached to cap
  • 0.5 mm black ink gel pens - for precise writing and intricate drawing
  • Ages: 6+


Usually ships within 1-2 business days if not ordered with custom Orbit Labels.
Please allow 7-10 business days for shipping if ordered with custom Orbit Labels.