Finally! A belt that a child can fasten on their own!

This brown genuine leather belt provides the classic finishing touch to you child's outfit.
Versatile and functional, this is a must have!

Features Include

  • Promotes independence & boosts self-esteem!
  • One-handed closure easy to fasten & unfasten!
  • Functional, fashionable, and fun to wear!
  • This belt was intended for one-handed use, making dressing and undressing an easy and accessible thing for a child of any age.
  • The belt's patented easy to use closure snaps around a front belt loop and then wraps around and secures in the front with Velcro.
  • Kids can clothe themselves and use the restroom whenever they please without asking mom for help!!
  • Belt Size: XS Age: 2 Waist Size: 2T or 18-20” Weight: 23-32 lbs.
  • Belt Size: S Age: 3 Waist Size: 3T or 20-21 1/2” Weight: 32-36 lbs
  • Belt Size: M Age: 4 Waist Size: 4T or 21-22 1/2” Weight: 36-40 lbs.


Usually ships within 1-2 business days if not ordered with custom Orbit Labels®. Please allow 7-10 business days for shipping if ordered with custom Orbit Labels®.

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