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Why Personalized Labels Make The Perfect Toddler Gifts

Why Personalized Labels Make The Perfect Toddler Gifts

Are you looking for Personalized Adhesive Labels that are durable, microwaveable, and dishwasher-safe? Labels are essential and life saver! It is an effective tool for organizing. It saves time, money and increases productivity. It comes in different colors, shapes and cute designs. No wonder kiddo’s also love using it! It is ideal for daycare, pre-school, camp, sports, even trips to your Grandma's house and more! Question is why personalized labels make the perfect gift for a toddler?

  • Toy Storage - Losing your kiddo’s favorite toy is a nightmare! Luckily, you can use InchBug’s Personalized Adhesive Labels! Kiddo’s love their toys! So when playtime is over you can easily put their toys back where they belong. Labeling your kiddo’s toys can help you easily identify and prevent losing your kiddo’s toys.
  • Kids Bedroom - Yes, even in your kiddo’s bedroom things can get messy and still need organizing. You can use a small storage and InchBug’s Personalized Adhesive Labels to put their little items back where they belong. You can even teach your kids to organize using this system so they don’t leave things lying everywhere. 
  • Kids Study Room - This is another area that is perfect for using Personalized Adhesive Labels! You can start labeling common objects that your kiddo's use on a daily basis or you can also use this to label your kiddo’s essential items for daycare. This includes their backpack, lunch box, school clothes and school supplies. For sippy cups, water bottles and even snack containers InchBug's  Original Orbit Label and Orbit Label 2.0 are very easy to use – just stretch and release for a snug fit around your bottles. InchBug’s photo label is great for your kiddos who can’t read and need to rely on images. It is important to label their belongings so they don’t end up in the lost and found department. 
  • Kids Closet - Perfect for siblings! The easiest solution is using Personalized Adhesive Labels! This means you can easily separate your kiddo’s clothes and shoes. You can use InchBug’s Clothing Labels – just peel-and-stick to the care tag on your shirt, jacket, or favorite stuffed animal. The super strong adhesive backing keeps the label in place, even in the washer and dryer. InchBug's ShoePal Labels are designed to help your little one learn to distinguish between left and right and to encourage independence. You can also use this to label their drawers and cabinets for socks, handkerchief, underwear and more! 
  • Allergy Alerts - Allergy Alert Adhesive Labels are ideal for notifying others of your kiddo's allergies, help protect your kid from potentially harmful food products or identifying items you wish to keep! They are great for all ages. The bright and colorful Allergy Alerts are perfect for backpacks, lunch bags, and water bottles or sippy cups and other food containers children take to school and other activities.

Ditch the markers and stickers that just peel off, make life easier using InchBug’s Personalized Adhesive Labels! InchBug offers 14 different types of adhesive labels from allergy alerts, clothing labels, shoe labels, date stickies, photo labels, tag pals and more! So you'll have plenty to label all the things. The colors never fade, so your name stays front and center, regardless of if the labels are 1 day old or 100 days old. Make sure to cross your t’s and dot your i’s -- your personalization is printed exactly as it is entered at the time of purchase. You can also check out their other collections – Original Orbit Label, Orbit Label 2.0, Bag Tags and Personalized Gifts, they have SO MANY cute options to choose from! Their team is dedicated to deliver high-quality, must-have products with superior customer service. You can contact InchBug (1-877-462-4284) or visit their website for more information.

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