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Introducing New Allergy Alerts

Introducing New Allergy Alerts

Ensuring our children's safety is always a top priority and this becomes even more crucial when dealing with food allergies. As parents, we understand the importance of providing our children with reliable protection against potential allergens, especially in environments like schools and daycare centers. 

InchBug understands these concerns and has always been dedicated to providing innovative solutions that help keep kids safe. We're excited to introduce InchBug’s NEW line of Allergy Alerts, designed specifically to bring attention to your little one's allergies in a clear, bold and functional manner.

InchBug is Always Alert for Your Food Allergies

At InchBug, the critical importance of allergy alerts is recognized. With the rise in food allergies among children, it's vital to have reliable and effective ways to communicate their dietary restrictions. InchBug’s NEW Allergy Alerts are designed to offer peace of mind, ensuring that everyone who comes into contact with your child’s belongings is aware of their specific allergies. This guide will introduce InchBug’s NEW line of Allergy Alerts and explain how they can help keep your child safe and organized.

  1. NEW Allergy Alerts Labels For Kids - InchBug’s NEW Allergy Alerts Labels for kids are big, bright and bold, designed to catch attention immediately. These labels serve as a clear warning about your child's allergies, effectively communicating to caregivers, teachers and peers what they need to avoid.

  • Functionality: These labels stand out with their bright colors and bold design, ensuring that they are easily noticeable. This is crucial in environments like schools and daycare centers where staff might handle numerous items daily. By using Allergy Alerts Labels, you can be confident that your child's allergies won't be overlooked.

  • Quality: Made from the same high-quality adhesive material as InchBug’s other popular labels, these Allergy Alerts are durable and long-lasting. They are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, including exposure to water and regular washing. No bag? No problem! Simply stick an Allergy Alert Sticker Label onto any container or item your child uses. These labels stay stuck even through washes, ensuring continuous protection.

  • Convenience and Updates: We've listened to your feedback and have included the newest officially recognized allergen: "No Sesame". This addition reflects InchBug’s commitment to responding to customer needs and enhancing the products to provide the best possible safety measures.

    1. NEW Allergy Rectangle Kids Bag Tags - In addition to InchBug’s adhesive labels, we've introduced the Allergy Alert Rectangle Bag Tags. These tags are designed to be easily attached to items with handles or loops, making them perfect for lunchboxes, backpacks and other essential items your child carries.

  • Functionality: These Rectangle Bag Tags are big, bright and bold, just like InchBug’s adhesive labels. They effectively communicate your child's allergies with a design that ensures they are noticed and understood at a glance. This visibility is essential for preventing accidental exposure to allergens, especially in busy environments like schools and extracurricular activities.

  • Application and Quality: Applying these tags is easy. Simply attach them to any item with a handle or loop and rest assured that they will stay in place. The high-quality material used for these tags ensures that they remain durable and legible through daily use. You asked, so InchBug added an "Epipen in Bag" icon and a "Medical" icon for non-allergy alerts. Plus, InchBug also included the newest officially recognized allergen: "No Sesame".

    1. NEW Allergy Circle Kids Bag Tags - For those who prefer a different shape, InchBug’s NEW Allergy Alert Circle Bag Tags offer the same great benefits in a round design. These tags provide another versatile option for clearly marking your child's belongings.

  • Functionality: These Circle Bag Tags share the same bright and bold design as InchBug’s other allergy alert products, making them just as effective in communicating critical allergy information. Their round shape offers a visually appealing alternative that stands out.

  • Application and Quality: Like the rectangle tags, these Circle Bag Tags are easy to apply to any item with a handle or loop. Their high-quality construction ensures they are durable and reliable, even with frequent handling. InchBug also included the "Epipen in Bag" and "Medical" icons, along with the "No Sesame" allergen, to cover all your needs.

  • Ensuring Safety with InchBug's Allergy Alerts

    The safety of children with allergies is paramount and InchBug's NEW Allergy Alerts are designed to provide a clear and effective way to communicate these needs. Whether it's through InchBug’s adhesive labels or bag tags, these products ensure that your child's allergies are always visible and understood by those around them.

    Using InchBug's Allergy Alerts, parents can send their kids off to school or daycare with confidence, knowing that their allergies are clearly marked. This not only helps in preventing accidental exposure but also provides peace of mind to parents and caregivers.

    Our commitment to customer feedback has led to the inclusion of new allergens and icons in our Allergy Alert products. This approach ensures that we are always meeting the evolving needs of our customers and providing products that truly make a difference.

    Visit InchBug’s website to learn more about our NEW Allergy Alert products and how they can help keep your child safe. Don't miss out on the opportunity to integrate these essential safety measures into your child's daily routine.

    By choosing InchBug's NEW Allergy Alerts, you're not just investing in labels; you're investing in peace of mind and a safer environment for your child. Explore the range today and see how these innovative products can make a difference in your child's life.

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