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How Preschools & Daycares Stay Organized With InchBug

How Preschools & Daycares Stay Organized With InchBug

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Do you ever wonder how Preschools & Daycares do it? With all of the paperworks and they need to keep track of.. Somehow, they manage to clean and keep everything organized at the end of the day. Learn how to keep your preschools & daycares stay organized with these three simple tips.

  • Declutter - It is important to declutter before you start organizing. This means, removing unnecessary things that no longer work and you don’t need! You will only be left with what you truly need. 

  • This is also the time to appropriately sort everything. Put the similar items together and choose a storage location and container for Preschools and Daycares supplies. Keeping everything clean and organized will help with learning and increase productivity.

  • Appropriate Storage Containers - You can use a clear containers like boxes or simple mason jars in different sizes so the kids can easily see everything that’s inside! This is a great way to organize the kids' pens, markers, crayons, scissors, glue and more. 

  • You can also use a binder, portfolio and filing system that are perfect for papers like maps, seatwork exercise sheets, completed art projects of your kiddo’s and more! If you have an extra storage area you can also put shelves to provide ample storage and display for books.

  • Label Everything -   Preschools and Daycares is an area that is perfect for using labels! Luckily, you can use InchBug’s Personalized Adhesive Labels! Labeling can help you easily identify and prevent things from losing.  It is probably the easiest method!

  • You can use a small storage and InchBug’s Personalized Adhesive Labels to put the little items back to where they belong or you can start labeling the common objects that the kids use on a daily basis and essential items for Preschools and Daycares. This includes the toys, books, notebooks and school supplies. 

    When playtime is over you can easily put the toys and other supplies back to where they belong.You can even teach the kids to organize using this system so they don’t leave things lying everywhere.


    child drawing with personalized colored pencils


    Organizing school supplies doesn’t have to be complicated. This is also an opportunity to be creative and have some fun with how you organize with the kids. From clothing, shoes, water bottles and other supplies.. No doubt, InchBug is the best for you! You don’t need to use a sharpie anymore or stickers that just peel off easily. Everyone needs this! 

    The unique, colorful designs make InchBug's Adhesive Labels a fun solution for labeling the kid's supplies and belongings. InchBug's Adhesive Labels are durable, microwaveable, and dishwasher-safe. You can apply them to a clean, dry, and smooth surface to identify the kid's toys, snacks, sports equipment, and more! The colors never fade, so the labels stay front and center, regardless of if the labels are 1 day old or 100 days old.

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