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5 Personalized Adhesive Labels Your Child's Teacher Will Love

5 Personalized Adhesive Labels Your Child's Teacher Will Love

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I, like many moms, don’t have time to spare searching for lost items and sorting different kiddos belongings. Morning routines and weekend outings go so much smoother when you’re organized. When I’m looking to get out the door and start the day, these are the five products I rely on every time: 

InchBug’s Adhesive Labels are dishwasher-safe and microwaveable. They are made of high quality materials that allow them to withstand everyday use. I put them in lunch containers, individually wrapped snacks, utensils, craft supplies - the list goes on. They come in a variety of size, shape and design options so the customizations and uses are endless. Their versatility means they are a great labeling solution for daycare, pre-school, playdates, and trips to Grandma’s house. The colors never fade, so your label stays front and center, even if the labels are 1 day old or 100 days old. 

  • Clothing Labels
  • I can’t say that laundry day is my favorite day, but it has gotten so much easier now that I’m using TagPals to label my kids’ clothes. I just peel-and-stick it to the care tag on your shirt, jacket, or favorite stuffed animal. It stays on nicely after going through the wash machine and helps keep my daughter’s clothes out of the lost and found bin at school.

    If my daughter kept her shoes on her an entire day I would be shocked! I don’t have to worry about lost shoes anymore because I use ShoePals, a personalized adhesive label that fits perfectly inside small shoes. Even better, it is designed to help her distinguish between left and right with a divided animal face. She just needs to match up the animal and her shoes are positioned correctly. I love that these encourage independence and help keep use organized at the same time. The super strong adhesive backing keeps the label in place, even in the washer and dryer, so your items end up with you, not in the lost and found.

  • Combo Packs (Bundle & Save!)
  • It seems like it was only yesterday that I refreshed my growing kiddos clothes and replaced food containers when it's time to update it all again. To save time,  I rely on the Combo Pack to save time. With over 50 labels, it has everything I need to label her new things. I don’t have to decide how many of each type of label and bag tag I need, it’s all set.. I just choose my color, font and icon style and I’m ready to label.

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